We accompany your faithful friend with love and respect at the end of their life, ensuring a dignified and serene farewell.


Our Mission

We are committed to providing comprehensive support during the farewell moments of your loyal companion, recognizing the emotional complexity of saying goodbye to a beloved four-legged friend.

We offer comprehensive support during the final moments of palliative care and home euthanasia, understanding the emotional complexity of saying goodbye to our furry companion. More than just veterinary services, we provide a safe space to express emotions, share memories, and receive comfort. At After Life Vets, we are here to accompany you through this process, giving you the necessary support to honor your pet’s life with dignity and empathy.

Support and Companionship

At After Life Vets, we are here for you and your pet until the end.

Space of Comfort

We provide a warm and understanding environment to bid a dignified farewell to your furry friend.

Imagine receiving a call on a March afternoon, the voice on the other end filled with desperation and sadness. It was Marta, a woman who was about to lose her beloved dog, Estrella, after ten years of unconditional companionship. Marta’s voice trembled as she described how Estrella had been her companion through every difficult moment, filling her life with joy, and how she was now facing her final stretch with a series of illnesses.

We arrived at her home that same evening. Upon entering, we felt the heavy atmosphere of sadness, but we also saw the love surrounding Estrella. Marta, with tears in her eyes, spoke to us about the good times, how Estrella had always been by her side, especially when she needed her the most. Seeing Estrella, still trying to play despite her pain, was a moment that deeply touched our hearts.

That night, we decided it was not the time to say goodbye. We stayed with Marta, listening, trying to offer some comfort. During those hours, we witnessed the unbreakable bond between her and her dog. We talked about happy memories, Estrella’s mischiefs, and how she had come into Marta’s life unexpectedly, bringing a light Marta didn’t know she needed.

Days later, the final call came early in the morning. Marta knew it was time. When we arrived at her home, we found Estrella lying in her favorite spot, with Marta by her side, gently stroking her. The pain in the room was palpable, but there was also a sense of peace. Marta told us that although it broke her heart, she knew she was doing the right thing for her dear friend.

The process was serene and respectful. With a hand on Marta’s shoulder, we gave Estrella the most dignified and loving farewell. In the end, Estrella’s face, once marked by pain, softened into an expression of calm. Marta, though devastated, found comfort in knowing that Estrella had passed peacefully, surrounded by love.

After that day, we kept in touch with Marta, ensuring she didn’t feel alone in her grief, offering continuous support. In every conversation, Marta expressed her gratitude for turning such a painful moment into one filled with love and dignity.


We are After Life Vets, a team dedicated to making the final goodbye an act of love, respecting the dignity of pets and providing peace to their families. Each story like Marta and Estrella’s reaffirms why we do what we do. Because for us, every pet is unique and every farewell is a sacred act of love.

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We give your furry friend the farewell they deserve, surrounded by their family, in the warmth of their home.


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